Ключников С.Ю. Психоэнергетическая защита


This book represents a detailed reference book devoted to psycho-energetic information defense from losses of energy, psychological attacks, dark doctrines and sects, black magic, zombification and manipulation consciousness. One of the main problem we each face today is a problem of limiting our energy losses, preserving and increasing psycho-energetic informational potential as well as the problems of defending from all of the aforementioned negetive factors and influences. The examines these problems and recommends solutions, which are concluded in the use of a variety of ways of accumulating psychic energy and also the use of protective methods such as those met in religion and ethoteric doctrines psychological systems. Special attention is paid to the spiritual-psychological methods of Russian Orthodoxy and Agni Yoga.

The book is divided into 10 chapters, each chapter in turn (besides the final, tenth chapter) divided into seven sections that represent detailed examinations of the given topics. The final two chapters describe practical methods for reducing and preventing energy loss, accumulating psychic energy, and the psycho-energetic informational defense from negative influences.

The book's main ideas are: psycho-energetic informational exchange (horizontal and vertical, equivalent and non-equivalent), psychic attack (cultic blows), contact with vampires, psychoenergetic informational skills. The book combines theory with descriptions of practical methods, interspersed with fables, legends, aphorisms and histories. It concludes by offering a foundation for a new direction in this science – psycho-energetic-informational practical psychology, and learning the different processes of exchange between people, nature and God – and gives concrete, practical methods for recovering lost balance. The author proceeds from the tenet that all infringements upon this horizontal exchange of energies between people are actually the result of lost harmony due to incorrect vertical exchanges of energy between man and God. Man acquires the inclination toward parasitism and psycho-energetic vampirism, which is expressed in the habit to steal, consciously or unconsciously, energy from others, most often after he has lost his own strength as a result of incorrect lifestyle or incorrectly directing his strengths. All that is connected with psycho-energetic informational exchange, loss of one's energy and the stealing of another's energy, is relevant to the process of entropy. In contrast to this are all types of equivalent exchanges of energy and information, emotional-psychic experiences, as well as methods of defense, all of which are related to non-entropic – that is to say, well-regulated – processes.

The book admits that for any case or means of stealing the strength of another, this or that method may be used – the correct usage depends on the degree of psychological training and spiritual development of the user.


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