“Awaken the Beautiful in Yourself...”: Edition Published to Mark the 110th Anniversary of Svetoslav Roerich’s Birth.

Coll. in 2 vols. / Comp. D.Yu. Revyakin. – Moscow: International Centre of the Roerichs, 2015. – Vol. 1: 1938-1988. – 480 p., ill.; 2016 – Vol. 2: 1977-2016. – 848 p., ill.

ISBN 978-5-86988-264-6

ISBN 978-5-86988-265-3

The anniversary collection “Awaken the Beautiful in Yourself...” is timed to the 110th anniversary of outstanding artist, philosopher, scientist and public figure Svetoslav Roerich.

The collection includes materials related to his life, artistic works and social activities, covering a period from 1938 to 2016.

For the first time there have been published two articles by Svetoslav Roerich which are dedicated to Helena and Nicholas Roerichs as well as the full texts of his articles on culture, its history and future.

The current edition includes texts of speeches and lectures delivered by Svetoslav Roerich in India, Soviet Union and Bulgaria in the 1960s and early 1990s, which were restored on the basis of audio, video records from the Manuscripts and Archives Departments of ICR as well as due to the transcripts by K.A. Molchanova and Archives of the Bulgarian National Radio. Also there have been separately collected publications about Svetoslav Roerich and interviews with him from the Soviet, Bulgarian and Indian periodicals as well as memories of meetings with the artist by some politicians, journalists, scientists, artists and others. A special section is allocated for materials relating to the history of creation of ICR.

The publication is addressed to a wide circle of readers.


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