110th anniversary of George Roerich’s birth

Materials of the International Scientific Public Conference, 2012, Moscow, International Centre of the Roerichs, Master-Bank, 2013. – 488 pp. [Roerich Popular Science Library],

ISBN 978-5-86988-252-3

'I his edition contains materials of the International Scientific Public Conference dedicated to the 110th anniversary of George Roerich’s birth, discovering the outstanding cultural contribution of Dr. George Roerich to the Oriental studies. This serves to show that methodological approach of the Russian scientist to solving the problems of cultural and historical development of people of Middle Asia, based on a new cosmic world view, along with the scientific findings substantially expend understanding in the field of Oriental studies of the historical development of people living in this region of our planet.

This book speaks about the main qualities of George Roerich as a unique personality and foremost Orientalist of the XX century, linguist and art historian, ethnographer and traveler, which resulted in his grand scientific achievements.

The collected articles are created for scientific employees, academics, postgraduates and students who are interested in George Roerich’s creative work and problems of Oriental studies as a whole.


The International Scientific Public Conference dedicated to the 110th anniversary of George Roerich’s birth took place on 8—11, October, 2012, in the International Centre of the Roerichs. It was the important stage in scientific understanding of life and creativity of George Roerich, the great Orientalist, linguist, historian, ethnographer, archeologist and traveler.

Public speaking of the conference participants, including those who were privileged to meet and work together with Mr. George Roerich, reflected his comprehensive talent, focused on spiritual synthesis, and laid emphasis on George Roerich’s essential contribution to the historical research of the Orient. The scientist also gave a new grounding for conception of spiritual and philosophic basis of Oriental Wisdom, encouraged by the knowledge of several dozens of languages and dialects, deep comprehension of culture and religious peculiarities of Buddhism, Hinduism and other convictions, psychology and world view of people of Central Asia.

It stands to mention some principal directions of George Roerich’s artistic heritage being enlightened by the spokesmen of the conference, as follows: world outlook position of the scientist, Oriental studies, and, of course, many aspects of history and culture of people of Middle and Central Asia. Several reports were made about George Roerich’s heroic life, his knowing of military art and organizing skills, that helped him in expeditionary activities. Rich life experience, shining talents and wide knowledge, spirit of creative cooperation, typical for all the members of the unique Roerichs family assisted George Roerich in finding the best solutions in difficult situations, were a big support in scientific work of the Himalayan Research Institute “Urusvati”, created by the Roerichs and directed by George Roerich.

The conference demonstrated the critical importance and relevance of studying the many-sided scientific heritage of George Roerich.

Future generations of scientists can be brought up under the influence of spectacular example of life and creativity of George Roerich, his keen interest on formulation and development of the cosmic world view and spiritual science.



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